​​​A pictorial view of our community, place, buildings...
St. John's Parish is a vibrant, though not a very large community. It has patronised artists, writers, poets, musicians and dancers. We have had several concerts, with Lilac Cana our Cantor, and Sinfonia Toronto,  Paul Tobey, pianist, poets, authors, Jasmine D'Costa,  Colin Carberry, Goran Simic, and Leopoldo Paradela. ​

 Friday nights is the After Six group that does line dancing.

  The Women's Society has contributed wonderfully to   our parish with their Bingo club on Thursday afternoons and Perogies and Bake Sales for Easter.

 We propose to use the existing south and north side of the church to grow vegetables which will be freely available to those that attend the church and the community neighbourhood on Cowan and Melbourne avenues.

 We are an ever-expanding community and welcome you to join us. We love people!